Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “young professional”?

A general definition is someone in their 20s or 30s who is working.  More broad definitions could include:

  • A person who is of a younger than average age for the position in which they hold
  • Someone still in school, but working part-time
  • A wealthy person who has been so successful at such an early age that they decided to stop working and live it up on the beach. :-)

Do I have to be a young professional to add my blog to

No. is an information resource designed and geared towards young professionals, but it features blogs both by young professionals and for young professionals.  In other words, even if perhaps you don’t see yourself as a young professional, but you feel like your blog would be interesting to a young professional, we’d be happy to have you add your blog.

What is an aggregator?

From Wikipedia: “In computing, a feed aggregator, also known as a feed reader, news reader or simply aggregator, is client software or a Web application which aggregates syndicated web content such as news headlines, blogs, podcasts, and vlogs in a single location for easy viewing.”

Why are you doing this?  Isn’t it a little too altruistic for someone who read Atlas Shrugged?

I have met a lot of interesting young professionals and sometimes it’s difficult to keep up on everyone I’ve met, what they’re doing and writing about, etc.  I thought this site would be useful for myself and those other young professionals.  It’s also an interesting experiment since it’s not a blog itself.

Does it cost anything to join

It only costs $5/month to add your NON-COMMERCIAL blog.  I also offer featured blog status to graphically highlight your new articles for a monthly or annual price.  This is optional to legitimate blogs looking to promote or market their blog more (this is the only option for COMMERCIAL BLOGS to be listed– including blogs recommending or selling products, services, affiliate programs, etc).

Who created YPBLOGS?

I’m Alex Fisher in Northville, MI.  You can contact me.

About Alex

Alex Fisher has over 15 years experience in making technology work for businesses. He created his first web site in 1994, built a wearable computer in 1999, designed embedded video hardware in 2006, and architected the largest webcasts in the world using adaptive streaming technology in 2008.

I help organizations with Drupal-based websites through my company Commercial Progression.